Globally disrupting the clinician-medication-patient value chain


Seegnal is a smart and intuitive clinical decision support platform that empowers clinicians to quickly & effectively manage and resolve patient-specific Drug Related Problems (DRPs).

Seegnal interfaces with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or any other relevant platform and incorporates the widest scope of relevant data into an intuitive, all-in-one, patented interface.

Visionary background

Seegnal’s algorithms and know-how are backed by the world’s most-acknowledged experts of drug-related problems.
Seegnal utilizes a multi-tier mechanism, including proprietary real-time algorithm-derived personalization, and exclusive data, based on clinical evidence and in-depth pharmacological properties that are synchronized from 5 leading global sources.

Seegnal delivers:

  • The widest scope of DRP-related data: over 50% exclusive data vs. legacy systems
  • Patient-specific groundbreaking accuracy: differentiating between ‘at risk’ patient and patients that aren’t at risk
  • Unique artificial intelligence and machine learning outputs
  • Graphical, intuitive user interface: one-glance detection, prioritization, and problem-solving
Deliver background

Patient care & safety

Seegnal’s platform improves patient care & safety, substantially reducing healthcare expenditures and overall risk.

The platform diminishes alert fatigue (about 6% alert load vs. legacy systems) and clinician burnout, resulting in better overall job satisfaction.