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Seegnal’s first deployment in United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC) and Seegnal eHealth Ltd (Seegnal) have signed an Integration, Licensing and Collaboration Agreement to deploy Seegnal’s innovative and globally groundbreaking clinical decision support platform as their drug-related problems (DRPs) solution.

DRPs cause huge health and financial burden across the globe (e.g., the 4th mortality cause in the US) and thus, DRPs assessment is routinely mandated at the point-of-care (e.g., hospitals, clinics) and when dispensing medications (e.g., pharmacies). However, current solutions are massively (>98%) overridden by clinicians due to lack of personalization, high (>98%) percentage of false alerts, being unbearably time consuming and due to their inability to assess up to 50% of critical patient data.

The Abu Dhabi-based ADSCC is a world-renowned provider of advanced medical services and treatments. Its goal is to provide state-of-the art medical care, to enhance patient-specific treatments (e.g., by leveraging pharmaco-genetic assessments, AI/ML), cellular therapies and regenerative techniques to the people of UAE and the surrounding regions.

Founded in March 2019 to meet growing domestic and regional demand for highly specialized medical services and treatments, ADSCC is equipped with the latest technology and medical devices that are unique to the region. ADSCC played a huge part in successfully battling COVID-19 pandemic in UAE and is also a home to AD-BMT – a bone marrow transplant procedure unique to the region, that has been successfully performed on the premises of Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center.

The Center focuses primarily on harvesting, processing, characterizing and storing cell products for clinical application in both regenerative medicine and hematopoietic transplantation, along with aiming to streamline and develop new processes related to stem cell therapy and research.

Seegnal’s platform optimizes the clinicians’ workflow by providing quick, patient-specific, safe and efficient medication prescription. It substantially and innovatively overcomes all the above-mentioned challenges by real-time consideration of the widest scope of DRP data, including hundreds of exclusive patient and medication data elements (e.g., active ingredients, dose-response curves, lab results, pharmaco-kinetic properties, diet, smoking, ECG) while utilizing personalized algorithms with groundbreaking efficiency, unmatched accuracy and patient-tailored assessments.

In addition to all of the above, Seegnal also incorporates unique and exclusive PK pharmaco-genetic capabilities (that substantially impact 10-20% of the general population) and empowers clinicians to manage and resolve patient-specific DRPs fully, quickly and effectively.

Both parties envision the way forward as a path to enhance their collaboration,  expand their business both locally and regionally while providing state-of-the-art patient-specific medicine.


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The Hidden Threat of Drug-Related Problems


From: Electronic Health Reporter

Drug-related problems (DRPs) are an “unspoken pandemic.” Serious DRPs are directly responsible for 6-10% of hospitalizations. About 25% of the population will suffer from at least one serious DRP during their lifetime, ending up with severe morbidity, hospitalization, or even mortality.

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Seegnal eHealth releases Seegnal 9.0, Delivering a New Standard of Care


Seegnal 9.0 offers groundbreaking clinical insights combined with technological maturity

August 24th, 2020, Tel AvivSeegnal eHealth Ltd. is reinventing patient care with its revolutionary, patient-specific digital platform that enables preventing Drug Related Problems (DRPs) at the point-of-care. Today, the company released Version 9.0 of its unique platform, powering cutting- edge capabilities second to none in the healthcare industry. (more…)

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Seegnal eHealth releases Seegnal 9.0, Delivering a New Standard of Care

Israel Innovation Authority and Thomas Jefferson University announce the four winners of a joint program valued at a total of $1 million to develop, test and pilot innovative technologies in the health sector


Winning technologies are expected to help fight the many challenges posed by the outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic

Thomas Jefferson University and the Israel Innovation Authority have announced the four winning Israeli companies in a joint program to develop, test, and pilot impactful technologies, services and devices in the health sector that will help meet unmet medical needs, especially pressing as we face the dire challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Israel Innovation Authority and Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson, Israel Innovation Authority Announce Companies Which Won a Combined $1 Million to Develop, Test & Pilot Innovative Technologies


Last February, Thomas Jefferson University and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) launched a competition to award a total of $1 million to four Israeli startup companies to develop, test and pilot innovative technologies in the health sector.

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Israel Innovation Authority and Thomas Jefferson University

We are facing a data revolution, say experts


Industry experts from finance, tourism, retail, and healthcare are predicting that post-Coronavirus markets will be more data-driven than ever, says Omri Orgad, Managing Director, North America at Luminati Networks

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