The challenges of implementing NMV/r and how Seegnal can help

27 March 2022

In a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers compiled evidence-based recommendations in consultation with European and North American clinicians and pharmacologists for recognizing and managing drug-drug interactions (DDIs) with Nirmatrelvir–Ritonavir (NMV/r).

Seegnal’s exclusive capabilities enable it to identify about 20% additional unique important drug-drug interactions involving the recently approved COVID medications that are not recognized/fired by legacy solutions.

The outbreak of COVID-19 more than two years ago brought the world to a stop. Today, NMV/r treatment is available to a growing number of patients with COVID-19 who are high-risk. Despite being a breakthrough treatment for COVID-19, it is associated with a high risk for clinically significant drug-drug interactions (DDIs).

A large survey performed on a huge sample of the Israeli population revealed that 63-75% of those over 60 are at increased risk of having such severe DDIs (i.e., between their existing medications and NMV/r).

There are many challenges affecting the implementation of NMV/r to treat COVID-19, the most significant of which are:

  1. practitioners’ inexperience with prescribing the medications
  2. limited management options (home isolation, accessing investigations, short intervention window, and difficult dose adjustment)
  3. unrecognized DDIs or their toxicity.

With these challenges in mind, expert clinicians and antiviral pharmacologists from Europe and North America were brought together to create pragmatics recommendations for managing DDIs with NMV/r.

Risk management strategies

The main strategies to safely use and manage risk with NMV/r is full medical reconciliation including over-the-counter medication, herbs, and recreational drugs as well as using specialized sources to screen patient information to identify possible risks.

Efficiently performing medical reconciliation and screening patient information is the key to a safe and successful rollout of NMV/r to combat COVD-19.

Managing risk with Seegnal

This is where the Seegnal platform comes in. Seegnal is a smart and intuitive clinical decision support platform that empowers clinicians to quickly & effectively manage and resolve patient-specific Drug Related Problems (DRPs).
Seegnal interfaces with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or any other relevant platform and incorporates the widest scope of relevant data into an intuitive, all-in-one, patented interface.

Furthermore, Seegnal informs the clinicians about the best practices/how to mitigate the potential NMV/r related risks, as well as suggesting proper alternative medications

Seegnal significantly reduces the risks in managing COVID medications, giving practitioners greater piece of mind and protecting patients.