Seegnal’s unique capabilities rely on sophisticated technological choices, superior know-how and algorithms.

Seegnal supports the clinician’s regular workflow for optimal usability, since it’s seamlessly integrated into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Seegnal processes all available datapoints in the EMR to deliver patient-specific analysis with groundbreaking accuracy, in real time.

Inventive background

Seegnal harnesses cutting edge technologies to deliver a robust, scalable platform


Microservice-based, event-driven, distributed scalable architecture to deliver high performance & reliability


Deployed both in the cloud and on-premise, to perfectly suite small and large health organizations alike


Proprietary, smart algorithms to gauge and analyze excessive amounts of real time data, and deliver patient-specific result for immediate resolution


Utilizing the most advanced technologies available, such as React, Node.js, Docker, SQL & NoSQL, Elasticsearch and .Net


Seegnal integration leverages latest industry data formats and standards like FHIR and CDS Hooks


Proprietary REST APIs for special use cases and custom integration

Seegnal complies with all relevant, rigorous regulatory and compliance requirements, and can be integrated in the cloud or on-premise. Integration of Seegnal with the EMR is based on well-established standards, such as CDS hooks, FHIR, and HL7.

Deliver background

Platform for all medication therapy


Seegnal leverages its open and flexible architecture to enable incorporation and consolidation of inputs from various standalone systems and applications. The entire scope of information and data is then analyzed, to present overall, complete conclusions of patient specific situations in a single-glance, user friendly, intuitive interface.

This inherent capability is second-to-none, and enables an all-inclusive analysis to deliver the sharpest most accurate analysis of a patient’s entire medication therapy.

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