Comparison of Medication Alerts from Two Commercial Applications in the USA.

In a new research published by Drug Safety (FEB 2021), Seegnal’s platform proved superior in every criterion compared to EPIC, thanks to its ability to personalize alerting based on hundreds of patient-specific and medication-specific factors.

Seegnal was compared, head-to-head, with EPIC’s drug-related problems’ alerting, and massively outperformed it by introducing groundbreaking accuracy (e.g., 99% specificity in Seegnal vs. 0.3% in EPIC), patient-specific alerts and real-time consideration of unique and exclusive domains (e.g., multi-drug assessments, lab results, renal functions, pharmacogenetics, smoking impacts). All these, while diminishing alert fatigue and reducing alert load by twentfold vs. EPIC, in both the inpatient and an outpatient setting.